How To Find Out How Someone Died For Free Online (2023)

1. How To Find Out How Someone Died | Ever Loved

  • Want to know how to find out how someone died for free online? Consider looking through online obituaries and obituary websites. You may be able to find an ...

  • Finding out that someone died is some of the worst news a person can get, especially if they weren't expecting it. If you’re trying to find out how they passed away, especially if it was unexpected, here are some ways you can go about finding out how someone …

2. United States Death Records - FamilySearch

  • How to Find United States... · Death Records

  • To find a death record, choose the state the death occurred:

3. How to Find Out if Someone is Deceased for Free - LinkedIn

  • Jun 8, 2023 · One way is to search for the person's name on a website like Social Security Death Index (SSDI). If you find a record for the person, it means ...

  • Discovering if someone has passed away can be a challenging and emotional task. Whether you're trying to locate a lost loved one or simply curious about the passing of a public figure, knowing where and how to look for this information can provide closure and peace of mind.

4. Vital Records | National Archives

  • May 28, 2021 · The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics web site tells how to obtain birth, death, marriage, and divorce records from state and ...

  • Snippet [get-content name="historyhubgenealogy" include-tag="false" /] Vital records most commonly refer to records such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and divorce decrees, wills and the like. These records are created by local authorities, and with possible exceptions for events overseas, in the military, or in the District of Columbia. They are not considered Federal records; therefore they are not held by NARA. The CDC's National Center for Health Statistics web site tells how to obtain birth, death, marriage, and divorce records from state and territorial agencies.

5. Free Online Georgia Death Records and Indexes - The Ancestor Hunt

  • Mar 9, 2023 · These searchable indexes provide specific death information, and sometimes scanned images of the actual death certificates themselves. These ...

  • The Ancestor Hunt is focused on helping primarily hobbyist genealogy and family history researchers to achieve their goals, by providing links to free online genealogy collections, and by providing search tips and techniques, largely via easy to understand Quick Reference Guides.

6. Online Searchable Death Indexes, Records and Obituaries

  • A directory of online death records indexes listed by state. Includes indexes for obituaries, cemetery burials, and death certificates.

7. Death Records - Georgia Department of Public Health

  • Dec 5, 2022 · To request a copy of a death certificate, you will need to complete and mail Form 3912. You may also place an order online. Download this pdf ...

  • Ways to request a vital record

8. How to Find Out if a Person is Deceased Online - Wills Services

  • By visiting, you can carry out a standard search online for a deceased person, provided you have their first and last name, as well as ...

  • In our guide, we explain how to check if someone has died online, how to find out a deceased person’s burial/cremation records and whether or not they left a legally-valid will.

9. How to get a certified copy of a death certificate | USAGov

  • Jul 20, 2023 · How to order a certified copy of a death certificate online, by mail, or in-person; How to get a copy fast; The cost for each certified copy.

  • Find out how to get certified copies of a death certificate, whether the person died in the U.S. or abroad. Know when to use a certified copy or a photocopy.

10. Data Access - National Death Index - CDC

  • NDI matches your study subjects to U.S. death records · NDI provides the date and causes of death for your true matches · You can use the results to calculate ...

  • The National Death Index (NDI) is a central computerized index of death record information on file in the State vital statistics offices.

11. How To Find Out If Someone Died -

  • Online Obituaries are a great way to discover whether or not someone has passed away. Many online obituaries websites allow you to conduct a free search for a ...

  • Looking For Someone?

12. Data Exchange – Requesting SSA's Death Information

  • Online Services · Glossary · Technical Support · How To Request A Data Exchange ... For each request to receive the full file of death information, you must tell ...

  • Contact information for technical problems with the Government Information Exchange Site

13. Obituaries - Public Libraries

  • The fastest way to find an obituary for a specific person is to search for them at one or several of the paid online obituaries or genealogy search services.

  • Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

14. Death Records | Texas DSHS

  • You can work with Vital Statistics to order certified copies of or make changes to death records. Death Record FAQs. Order Online. The fastest, easiest way to ...

15. How to Find Death Notices for Free: 10 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

  • Oct 24, 2021 · Visit the National Archives website. The National Archives has information about vital records, including death records, and links to websites ...

  • Whether you are researching your ancestry or looking for information about a specific person, you may need to find an official notice of someone's death. If you live in the United States, you can request a death certificate from your...

16. Death Records | Georgia Archives

  • Things to know before you visit · Programs. Research. Back ... Death records for 1919-1927 are indexed and available online in the Georgia Death Certificates.

  • Statewide registration of births and deaths began in 1919. Death records for 1919-1927 are indexed and available online in the Georgia Death Certificates. Death records for 1919-1943 are also indexed and available through

17. Ohio Death Record Index Search | Archives & Library

  • There are no copies of records or images to order from this particular index. All the information is free. However, you can check to see if we have a Death ...

  • Explore Ohio death certificates and related indexed records from the Ohio History Connection Archives & Library's collections.

18. 10 Places to Start Your Search for Online Death Records - ThoughtCo

  • Jan 29, 2020 · If I'm researching an individual who died in the United States, I'll often start my search for online death records at Joe Beine's fabulous site ...

  • Find out where to locate death records online in this list of some of the best sites for accessing death certificates and obituary notices.

19. Death | Florida Department of Health

  • Jun 30, 2023 · The Bureau of Vital Statistics is striving to improve! Have you contacted or visited us? Tell us about your experience! Florida Dept. of Health, ...

  • Instructions and information on obtaining a Florida death certificate


How To Find Out How Someone Died For Free Online? ›

In the United States, death certificates are public record, so you should be able to obtain a copy from the vital records office in the state where the person died.

How can you find out the cause of death of someone? ›

In the United States, death certificates are public record, so you should be able to obtain a copy from the vital records office in the state where the person died.

Can I view death certificates online for free Ohio? ›

Index to Death Certificates may be searched at the Ohio History Connection. Includes links to order certificates. If you do not know the exact date or place of death: The Ohio Department of Health will search for the death of one individual for free.

Are death certificates public record in NY? ›

The release of death certificates is governed by New York State Public Health Law §4174, which protects their confidential nature. New York State is a closed state and death records are not subject to FOIL and available to individuals who are: The spouse of the deceased and you were married at the time of death.

How do I find a death record in Indiana? ›

Death records issued 1882-1907 are kept by the county health department in the county where the birth or death took place. Death records issued 1907-present are kept by the Indiana State Department of Health in addition to the local health department.

How do I find out a family members cause of death? ›

First, Look in Newspapers, Hospital, Cemetery and Funeral Home Records. Hospital records can provide extremely valuable information about your ancestors and can give a cause of death when you can't find a certificate. And while these records are limited, there is a wider selection available than in the past.

How does an autopsy show cause of death? ›

A doctor examines the remains inside and out. They can remove internal organs for testing and collect samples of tissue or bodily fluids such as blood. The exam usually takes 1 to 2 hours. Many times, experts can figure out the cause of death in that time.

Are coroners reports public record in Ohio? ›

Reports Are Public Records

By Ohio law, reports of our findings are public records. In releasing these and other records, the Clark County Coroner's Office follows the requirements of the Ohio Public Records Act and of Ohio Revised Code 313.10.

Is Vital Chek legit? ›

We are an authorized online vital records ordering service for California Vital Statistics. That means we can process your request fast, affordably, and securely.

Can you get a death certificate for anyone in Ohio? ›

In Ohio, anyone can access a death certificate or other vital records as long as they know the required information for the application. This includes information like the deceased person's full name, date and location of death, and parents' names (previous names, too).

Can I view death certificates online for free Indiana? ›

Search Indiana Legacy

These records are available to the public at no charge and include a host of records such as: birth, marriage, death, divorce, obituaries, court records, newspapers, scrapbooks, yearbooks, military records, and many other record types.

What is a death master file search? ›

The Death Master File (DMF) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a data source that contains more than 94 million records. The “file” is created from internal SSA records of deceased persons possessing social security numbers and whose deaths were reported to the SSA .

Are autopsy reports public record in Indiana? ›

An autopsy report is an investigative record. It can only be released to the next-of-kin or an insurance company who has a claim arising from the death per IC 36-2-14-18.

Why don t obituaries say cause of death? ›

Because at the end of the day, even if the death was non-violent and somewhat expected, it's still the relatives of their deceased loved one's decision whether or not to include the details of the person's passing — it's their call on what to put in the obituary as long as they're comfortable sharing what they're ...

How long does it take to find out the cause of death? ›

Autopsy reports are usually completed within 60 days from the date of autopsy; however, there are cases which can take 90 days or longer depending on the complexity of the case.

What happens if they can't find a cause of death? ›

If the post mortem shows an unnatural cause of death, or if the cause of death is not found at the initial examination, the Coroner will open an investigation or inquest. They will also need to do this if the deceased died in custody or otherwise in the care of the State. What is an inquest?

Are California death records public? ›

Who May Request Death Certificates. Although vital records are public documents, under California law, certificates are not open for public inspection. Anyone may request copies, however only persons authorized under California law may receive authorized certified copies of death records.


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